Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry (BACl)

Is a Govt. approved trade organization which represents the construction industry of Bangladesh. BACI was established on 19th December, 1995 as a Trade Body and registered with the Directorate of Trade Organization (DTO) under the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of Bangladesh (Licence No. 88). It was also registered as a Trade Organization on 25th January, 1996 with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms (RJSC), under The Companies Act 1994. It is a non-political and non-profitable organization. BACI is also an “A” class member of FBCCI.


BACI is the premiere association for the construction industry of Bangladesh and is a link amongst all the organizations and firms which currently deal in the development sector of the country as well as the world. BACI arranges Annual General Meeting (AGM), Construction Exhibition, Seminar, Training and Workshop for the wellbeing of the Construction sector and publishes Annual Report and a Quarterly Journal “The Construction”


BACI is working with a number of international organizations in the interest of the construction community. BACI is a regular member of the International Federation of Asian & Western Pacific Contractors’ Associations (IFAWPCA). IFAWPCA was set up more than 50 years ago in Manila, Philippines, with the objective of fostering cooperation among the contractors of the Asia-Pacific region. BACl, as a member of IFAWPCA, had the honor of hosting the 37th IFAWPCA Convention at Dhaka, Bangladesh from 7th to 10th March 2009. BACI is trying for getting constant support & cooperation from the other Member Associations of IFAWPCA.


BACI’s Vision

BACI’s Vision is to promote the development and wellbeing of the construction sector, namely construction industry of Bangladesh as well as to safeguard the interest of all, especially its members, engaged in development works of the country.

BACI as trade body always communicate & peruse different govt./semi govt. organization and community to achieve the matter of its valued members as well as to represent in socio-economic activities of the country.


BACI’s Mission

Our Mission is to maintain the prestige of the construction industry, namely engineering, contractors, promote mutual cooperation amongst contractors, to protect their rights and interests, and to strive for improvement of construction related legislations, construction related economic policy, as well as construction technology/technique to contribute towards efficient progress and development of the nation’s construction industry.


Main Functions 

 Research & study of the laws, rules, regulations and systems pertaining to the construction industry.

·         Make recommendation for improvements thereof to the Government & concerned agencies.

·         Research & study & guidance on the matters concerning the promotion of construction business, the rationalization of business management and the improvement of construction.

·         Collect & analyse data on the construction industry, including labor/manpower, demand/supply of construction materials.

·         Evaluate human resources requirements of the sector and conduct/arrange tinning at all levels.

·         Promotion of international cooperation between BACI Members and foreign companies (contractors) and other international organizations related to the construction industry.

·         Study & survey of the construction industry for business promotion and collection dissemination of know-how.

·         Dissemination of information & know- how, along with Publication of BACI’s newsletter “The Construction” (presently a quarterly), to the BACI Members and other construction industry related stake-holders.

·         Ensuring fair play and good business practices, i.e. managerial, technical & ethical, in the execution of projects commissioned by the government.

·         Establish quality benchmarks to ensure the quality of construction.

·         Ensure the quality of both locally produced & imported building materials construction materials, and other goods/services used by the construction industry.


BACI was established with certain objectives which are given below:

Ø  To create and establish a proper organization of the Construction Industry of Bangladesh whose activities are connected with such works and contracts which involve the extensive use of engineering skills of different engineering faculties like Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, etc.

Ø  To promote various measures from time to time and take steps that may be considered advisable for the protection of the interests of the Construction Industry.

Ø  To act as arbitrators in the settlement of disputes and appoint committees to deal with, between the members or affecting the members.

Ø  To render such support and assistance - legal or otherwise to the members during trade disputes and in connection with questions arising in carrying out of contract obligation or settlement of their claims.

Ø  To originate, promote and support improvements in the laws and regulations affecting the construction industry and the interests of the community in relation thereto and suggest, support or oppose changes therein or in the administration thereof and make representations to the Government or any legislative, administrative or other body or authority and take such steps or proceedings in connection with foregoing as may be deemed expedient.

Ø  To enter into negotiations or arrangements with Government authorities, including municipal, local or others, that may be conducive to the objectives and work to obtain from such entities, privileges and concessions which may deem desirable.

Ø  To publish regular newsletters giving information and such other matters which are in the interest of the member’s e.g. codes of practice/specifications, tax regulations, change in legislation, import regulations, etc.

Ø  To maintain a high standard of conduct to combat unfair practices and encourage efficiency amongst its members and require of them the highest standard of skills, integrity and responsibility in all aspects.

To promote co-operation between the members as to the terms and conditions of engineering contracts upon which they will undertake the construction and maintenance of engineering works.
  • Address : Nahar Green Summit (3rd Floor), House No. 43, Road No. 16 (old 27), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh
  • Mail : sec.baci@gmail.com
  • Phone : +88-02-222240216, +88-02-222240233
  • Fax : +88-02-+88-02-58155416

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